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Asha Shenoy Fine Art

Lotus Pond watercolor painting

Lotus Pond watercolor painting

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Beautiful lotus pond viewed from above. The pond is deep and calm, it's a meditative Zen painting. If one keeps looking at it, it will definitely make one hear the sounds of silence!
  •  Size:9.75"x 11.75"
  •  Media: Watercolors on paper
  •  Framed: No
  •  Ships by: India Post with a tracking number
Can fit a ready-made frame of the appropriate size.
## There is an incomplete painting overleaf, which does not affect this painting in any way.
In-situ room views are Virtual and are not to exact scale.
The colours of the original may vary slightly due to different screen settings.

A signed certificate of Authenticity will be enclosed.
The artwork is copyrighted, please do not use it for any other purpose without my consent in writing.

I will be glad to reply if you have any queries, just contact me!

Import Duties/Vat
Import duties, VAT/ local taxes and charges if any, by the buyer. Small-value imported original art is usually exempt from import duties in the USA, but local State taxes may be levied. These levies vary from country to country and are payable by the buyers in their country.

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