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Indian Kathak Dancers, Gopis pining for Krishna, from The Bhagavatam

Indian Kathak Dancers, Gopis pining for Krishna, from The Bhagavatam

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Indian Kathak dancers, depicting the pining Gopis searching for Krishna. From the Bhagavatam story, a religious book of the Hindus.
Oil paints on primed canvas
Size 30"x 24" (plus 2" approximately on all sides for stretching)

This is a painting inspired by the "Gopi Geeth" from "Bhagavatam" a devotional book of the Hindus in India. Gopi Geeth consists of 19 stanzas and is all about the love the Gopis feel for Krishna the eternal Lover. Their love is not the physical one but of the eternal kind. The Gopis stand for the human soul seeking the All-Pervading God with whom it wants to unite to feel the ecstasy of oneness with God, to be liberated from earthly desires and downfalls.

This painting shows Gopis in distress as Krishna is not visible to them, they only hear his divine flute.

Shipped by India Post with tracking, removed from stretcher bars and rolled in a strong PVC tube. Can be stretched on stretcher bars at your end.

Comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.
All images are ©AshaSudhakerShenoy, a sale does not transfer the artist's copyrights.

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