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Gowrie the Intelligent Tabby cat, original watercolor cat painting

Gowrie the Intelligent Tabby cat, original watercolor cat painting

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We have adopted many stray cats in the last three decades and loved them all, but Gowrie has a special place in everyone's heart at home. She had climbed in through the window as a sickly frail kitten, we took care of her and she grew into a pretty young lass, with a mind of her own! When she was old enough to mate, all she could find was a grubby old cat "Kajal" (named so because he had eyes as if they were adorned by eyeliner!) Then she gave birth to cute kittens, Ammani, Kaalimani and Dhavimani. The latter died, mauled by a pack of street dogs😥. Ammani was chased by the dogs too, but she saved herself by climbing a palm tree. She lived for a decade with us.

Back to Gowrie, she considered herself the lady of the house, visitors would be greeted by her first. She would sit on a sofa and listen to our conversation! If the vet arrived for the vaccine shots, she would examine his medicine kit and then settle on his lap to his delight! Suddenly at the age of 5, she disappeared for two days. We looked for her but she was not to be found. On the third day, she appeared and collapsed on the floor looking very weak. We got her checked by the Vet, he said that it was panleukopenia, a fatal feline paro viral disease. She passed away on the 5th of December, 2008. But she continues to live in our hearts, just like the other cats who have crossed the rainbow bridge.

This is a watercolor painting of Gowrie on 270gsm matt texture paper.
Size: 7.2"x 11" The painting is unframed.
The colours may vary slightly due to differences in screen/monitor settings.
Virtual framed in situ images are not to exact scale.
A signed certificate of authenticity will be enclosed.

Artwork images are copyrighted ©AshaSudhakerShenoy. The artist reserves all copyrights; a sale does not transfer it to the buyer.

Ships flat by India Post tracked service, delivery against signature in 10 to 21 days internationally.

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