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Asha Shenoy Fine Art

Cute Black cat, watercolor painting on paper

Cute Black cat, watercolor painting on paper

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Kasthuri is our cute little black cat full of mischief. The other cats in our household don't like her just because... ahem she is black!! Or maybe because she is my favourite and the others are jealous! Or maybe the colour black scares them!

Whatever it is, we don't care, she is the cutest and our favourite. She doesn't stay at home much because of the other cats, comes only for feeds and sleeps on my lap for a few minutes and gets petted.

When she is resting on the nearby tree branches (the intention is to catch a bird or a squirrel which of course we don't like) she looks so much like a mini black panther with a sleek body and glowing eyes!!

Watercolours on offwhite sketching paper 160gsm
Size: 5.8"x 8.3"
The painting is unframed.
The colours may vary slightly due to differences in screen/monitor settings.
### Please note that there is another incomplete painting on the reverse, but it does not affect this artwork.

Virtual framed in situ images are not to exact scale.
A signed certificate of authenticity will be enclosed.
Artwork is copyrighted ©AshaSudhakerShenoy, a sale does not transfer the copyrights.

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