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Asha Shenoy Fine Art

Aspen trees - Framed miniature painting on canvas, desk décor idea

Aspen trees - Framed miniature painting on canvas, desk décor idea

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Aspen trees and Autumn Miniature landscape painting!
The beautiful aspens turn golden giving a "warm" welcome to autumn and to winter! I feel that there is a striking similarity between weather and human life-
The colourful spring is a signal of "springing life", youthful exuberance, followed by summer when the next stage is in the "hot" pursuit of life's goals! Next follows the golden autumn, the real golden period of one's life, when one has had enough of life and the rat race, the feeling of "settled in life" going towards retirement, a contemplative stage to be followed by winter, when the landscape turns snowy white and hair turns silver, when one sits back to relax, remembering the life's triumphs and travails, moments of remorse and regrets! A time when one feels, "Why didn't I do this when I was young?" And that's why I am painting now!! Something that gives me so much happiness and fulfilment!
  • Size:         4"x 6"
  • Media:     Acrylic on canvas panel
  • Framed:   Yes, synthetic black frame
  • Ships by:  India Post with a tracking number

And all my paintings carry a little bit of that happiness I felt when I created them!
Aspens turning gold in the wilderness, miniature landscape.
Makes a lovely gift for nature lovers!

Comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.
Interior images if any, may not be to exact scale.

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